We have dreamed about a road trip across America forever. It is finally happening. We planned and organized and bought a Travel Trailer. It’s a big shiny box full of love and adventures. We spent forever looking at trailers. We did as much preliminary paperwork as we could to make this transition go smoothly. We got rid of the majority of our belongings and put the things that we could not bear to part with in storage.

We left the California Bay Area on May Day. We picked up our new home in Reno Nevada and parked it in Carson City. It took about 6 weeks to become residents of Nevada and receive our new licenses. I am sure we have missed some steps but who cares. We will cross those bridges when we get to them.

Our 15-year-old black cat is with us. Weeone guards the home and gives us her affection. She also keeps us humble. You might notice a small goddess in some of our pictures. We call her Tia. She represents my best friend who works to hard and wishes she could travel with us.

This week we are on our way to Utah. We will enjoy some time with family on friends. We’ll keep you posted along the way.