This is where Papa Bear is from. We will be here until after the 4th of July. So far our little Chevy truck is pulling our trailer just fine. We are still getting the kinks worked out and learning to live in the tiny home. Weeone has settled in and claimed her favorite spots. Since she mostly sleeps the days away we do not have to really worry about her. Things like laundry and food planning take a little bit more planning. Cleaning is done in about 15 minutes a day (or less).

We are making the rounds and visiting friends and family. We have no set schedule. We love coming and going when ever we want. Our new wake up time seems to be 8 am. We feel soooo lazy.

Papa Bear and I are happy. After 32 years it feels almost like a second honeymoon. Only this time the new and shiny life has become a warm golden glow.